My Intro and some ER Thoughts

Hi! I just joined this comm and I thought I’d introduce myself and share some ER thoughts with everyone here!

My name is Lauren and I’ve been a fan of ER since season 5! My two favorite characters are Jeanie Boulet and Lucy Knight. But I have more in common with Jeanie personality wise. Jeanie was also the one who helped me not be so afraid when I went into the hospital for various procedures back when I was younger.

With that said, I know we all have our favorite episodes of ER and our own personal reasons for liking them. One of mine is “Rites of Spring” from season 5.

I recently re-watched it and I thought I’d share my thoughts with all the ER fans here. Feel free to do the same in a comment.

Just in case you need a refresher or you haven’t seen it, here is a small summary of Jeanie’s plot.

summary behind the cut!Collapse )

The minute I heard the music that accompanied their prayers begin, I actually dropped what I was doing on the spot and closed my own eyes.
I could feel God’s presence right there in the room with me and knew He was trying to tell me something.

After the prayers were over, I felt a sense of peace wash over me.

You see, I was going for an eye doctor appointment the next day and I had been scared about it.

The instant I closed my eyes, the music of Jeanie’s prayer surrounded me and I felt God’s presence as well.

I knew He was telling me everything was going to be okay. And it was.

I woke up the morning of the appointment feeling better about it I was still a little apprehensive, but mostly I felt at peace about it.

In fact, when we stepped into the waiting room of the office the next day, I closed my eyes and I actually heard the music from the prayer in my head. I immediately felt a calm come over me. My doctor noticed too.

That particular Jeanie storyline has always been special to me and I know God used it to help me find faith in Him again just as He helped Jeanie find her faith as well.

Also, a fun fact for everyone. I loved Jeanie’s prayer song so much, I taught myself how to play it on the piano two days later. And I can still play it till this day.

So how about the rest of you ER fans out there? What are your thoughts on this episode? Or was there another episode that had significance for you or helped you in some way?
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