Hi! I just wanted to slip in a little advert for my new RPG group. So far we are wide open, just beginning play so the storyline could be taken anywhere. We're operating in a no-specific-season mode, so all characters from the series, dead, alive, or departed are welcome as well as OC's. All the information is in the group's user info. And if you have any questions, message me! :)





Thanks for looking! :D

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Shipper Music Video Challenge Community --- Challenge 5

Hello there! I have a new challenge up at my shipper music video challenge community and I would love for you guys to come and check it out. Challenge 5 is using three songs, "Sex Type Thing" by Stone Temple Pilots, "Falling Down" by Duran Duran and "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" by Ashlee Simpson, and is open to any and every shipper couple. :D Hope to see you there! 

Challenge 5 is located here at</a></font></b></a>heartsgowander.


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Chaos in General - TV Blog Extraordinaire

My friend Caroline and I started a TV blog just over a year ago, and have decided it's time to branch out to all of the fandoms we blog about and recruit more readers. - check it out, sift through all of the year's worth of entries (which is simple because it's all archived by show name/topic) and leave us comments on what you like or don't like.

If you find us at all entertaining and would like to keep up with what we're talking about on a weekly basis, bookmark the site and check back frequently. But also, leave me a comment here and add me as an LJ friend (Caroline and whoever else we add to our blogging staff will have new blog-related LJs soon, too) and I'll post announcement updates on my LJ every time I put up a new entry, linking to the entry itself as well as giving a short description of that specific topic - so you can pick and choose what you'd like to read.

Check it out. Let's be friends. Spread the TV fandom love.

Linkage again: a href=""></a>

(X-Posted... basically everywhere. Fair warning.)
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Hola ER Fans,

I know we all love to talk about our favorite characters, so if you guys could help me out and take 15 minutes to chat about Luka, Abby, Kerry, Sam, Carter, Lucy, Romano, Pratt, Morris, Neela, Gates, whichever ER character you chose (or don't -- any show works), that would be so wonderful.

My senior thesis is due in a week and I need as much data as I can get!

Thanks a million!